smooth like silk

Feel a little smooth lets flow:Sweetness in hand take pictures in the sand warm and close ah the most i ever boast. Feeling smooth like silk these words flow just as you melt and blend again and again in my pool of smoothness.My greatness my world my passion thrill me til my liver quiver and ride me til i sweat make me flow over and over because you pleasure don’t need to be measure and wet is the best we can get no! no! don’t cool down because your flow is smooth as silk!The motion is exciting work those moves on me.Stop! Now start do what you do just rock my world!1+1= smooth&sexy VIP is your name the best you demand here’s the best right at your hand.When i get threw it’s giving and getting in deep to your groove%% Man let me stop because these word tonight is for the LOVER IN YOU LETS GET IT ON.Do you feel like silk well this one is for you!Get in my mind and see where it takes you!!GOOD DAY MATE!pastorsvoice


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