most top 2

most top 2

Most top 1 was lost see how my blogs connect last blog was about lost data is this your weave?So now you know what happen if not.Then read my last blog! Now most top 2.WTW this is what is call most top.Do you know what that mean?Most Facebook,Google,twitter,G-Mail,Yahoo users will say ‘What the World or what tech. wants or rotflmbo means roll on the floor laugh my but off but it’s so easy to just use first letters in word to still tell what you say!BUT in a short time’. Right? OK lets try!Here’s your most top[ditytmtowl]Now what did i say? Most will say who cares! But for that one who have to know here we go(D is for didn’t I is for i T is for tell Y is for you T is for that M is for most T is for top O is for one W is for was L is for lost!Dawg do i have to spell it out to! LOL just me being me peace pastorsvoice 


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