lost data is this your weave?

lost data is this your weave?

I’m so tried of each time you hit the wrong button or click the wrong tab all you have try to do is Gone! and i mean never to get back again it not like hair weave that you can find a braid here or one there! you know when your braid fall out and you are to ashamed to pick up your hair! See this is lost data! See a part of your data is laying on a black strip of a parking lot with no form of retrieval.Just lost! Now if you like weave help me out why is this{Before the rubber band or bow or the device that separate the bad from the good}See start at the forehead move back it is so tore up nappy or damage from all the lost data then like magic past the bow smooth,comb,pretty, and shinny take a clue red, purple,yellow,green and blue.Fix your weave because a tore up head this is sure not cool! FIX your head because I found you lost data on the ground! SAVE THE WEAVE IT”S LOST! ROTFLYBOImage


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