A mother’s pa…

A mother’s pain

two sons

This is a painful blog to write.First to my Google + friend Amber D. best wishes thru her time of pain.Now this is a real life blog,Just in my own words.Hear the pain that insert it’s self in my life.How you tell a mother that life order has change for you! Your two son’s they won’t bury you but you will bury them two months apart.But the young one died so fast and so horrible that it play over and over you see this man stab your baby to death.But two months ago he stood and hold your hand at the oldest one death. Now neither one left! Help me to understand oh this is just god’s master plan.Sorry this don’t stop her cry and her heart wonder why! No there’s no easy reply! Just one tear floating on a face again!When it’s two dead,two months, one heart, one came.To A MOTHER’S PAIN. PEACE PASTORSVOICE GOD BLESS YOU!


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