You don’t kno…

You don’t know me

This blog is to open the mind and eyes of people that think they know some one!Lets go : I know you and I know what you will do.Wrong ding dong you don’t know jack! If you know me then nothing I do should surprise you.Then why you say “I can’t believe you would do such a thing?”If i shock you then you don’t know me.Ask me why is my eyes fill with tears! It’s because all these years you answered my fears! You don’t know me. And all this was just mere stop in time that I once was.But now no more for I peer to see that life would be great if you only know me! My pain,my hurt,my lost .my cost,just to learn who i yearn and turn and burn to fill.When all the while i’m just a myth in the life’s seas.Because you don’t know me! Peace pastorsvoice

feel me


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