Ohh you fancy now!

Ohh you fancy now! got your swagg on! Now your time to get a wake up call! here’s your call! 411 was information 911 was the victim your call is 311 why 311 here are 5 ways your swagg is busted one no money swagg not good! got a family swag in question! Trying to be what you’re not!Swagg not happening!These 3 is good but you got 1&1 left.1 not good driving your friend car and know friend will be at work but you tell I will pick you up in my car tomorrow.Last one is the best one: you can see that what you have is what complete you because it’s hard to know when you do know your self! It’s bad to be so stupid but yet so dumb that you lost the best part of you! and when it’s gone there’s went your swag! Oh my bad you never had it so you still lose! Peace pastorvoice


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