No Ceilings (Poem)

I have learned not to plan for tomorrow
But not to give up on your hopes and dream
To learn in the future there’ll be sorrows
And some days will be as sweet as ice cream
For as long as I take my time
And be steady and consistent
For ever I am young and I can rhyme
Even when I’m old and need assistance
I will carry my talent on me like a sign
Some might say the sight is horrific
Carrying the weight of the blind
The ones that can’t see their fallen into statistics
How do we pick them up?
How do they come around it?
Come take a big gulp from my cup
And then you’ll finally see your surrounded

Following todays trend
Aint even in my vocabulary
Its creepy how the days end
Some might think its scary
How one time I can smile at you, big grins
But the next time see me I mean mug you like the week end
Follow me in
But not in my footsteps
Make your own decisions
Different sizes I got right you got 2 lefts
And I only got a few left
Something tells me I aint got through yet
I hope this poem follows you
And give you a different mind set
And create one stable mind
With creativity, joy, peace
Lyrics of pure divine
I hope it shrivels down your spine
And gives you a strange reaction
And make you think to yourself
“Hey is this supposed to be happening?”
And then the next morning after
I hope you write your feelings
Cause this poem right here is the real NO CEILINGS.


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