speed limitsM…

speed limits

Many of us in the USA know about speed limits not only us but around the world when you go to fast you get a ticket! Wouldn’t it be great if we can take these laws and put them on the lawmakers who make the law.Why because they have no limits on how much they can say one thing and do another! If we can put both parties on the road and do like the highway patrol and give them a big fine then they won’t be so quick to do the stuff that they do to us!We trust who we put in office.And what do we get a bunch of speeders that don’t never get a ticket! But me and you have to pick up the bill! Yes a 11million dollar bill. That we give a free past and no ticket! Yes no ticket we have a debt that we can’t pay but Libya gets 11million more miles on the limit! Hey law makers the people just been deputize we is now the highway patrol and from here out we is giving out tickets your lost of the place we voted you in to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!peace<pastorsvoice


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