AH push it

AH push it
Now this blog is now for the one that wear feeling on their shoulder because this WILL knock it off! Here we go:Stop with this bull that all men are equal you meaning of equal and mines is two way different ways yours is on the outside that you like the equal but when my back is turn here’s come a knife pow in the back then you smile and say what’s wrong?Like you don’t know! push it ok you are the most undercover dick I ever seen with friends like you who need a brain to see you are a social dick who stick his head in anything that tear me down so here to you next time you screw me use some K/Y jelly his and hers so if i’m the one getting screw at lease I will like it so no more dry screwing me! because i’m all screwed out!pastorsvoice MY FRIEND More photos from eddie martin


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