eyes over the pillow

candy junkie

eyes over the pillow

Man looking across the room and what do I see eyes over a pillow looking at me one was blue&yellow&neon&orange&purple&plum not only all but color but these eyes was watching me then a mouth call out to me and said i’m still hungry. Whoa to my surprise these eyes had a body the body was about 7 years old and it was hungry!Taco bell was not enough!Now its time for me to get off my but.Because Polly and Poo was ready to do the feed me thing but there was no one but me what to do when a stuff turtle and a 7year old baby say i’m hungry.Man its time to get in the game.Now my day is about to start. And this 7year old and her stuff turtle really is my heart! To Alexia and Polly I give this blogpastorsvoice

watch out candy junkie


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