You broke broken pieces

20 Aug

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
you broke broken pieces!


Broke and blue does anyone feel like this is them? Well what you have seen in my pass blogs was true! My life, I put in words, Is the way I feel. Listen death and suicide this year I played with depression has no face no one knows how low you really feels how you just crave to just to have one person to just show you they care.Every one say’s you how to love your self before anyone can love you easy said when you already know who you are but when you get lost you don’t know who you are no more you know what you was and who you want to be but when you are lost you don’t know who the hell you are or how the hell you got here! Broken pieces but when they break your broken pieces and really don’t give a shit about it then this thing that I deal which kicks in it’s call DEPRESSION and it stops all function of life and you cry out to people and all they see is the outside never really take time to get to know whats on the inside! read this little picture No one


will do this any more the love of many have wax cold no more love! This will make you laugh but it’s 100% true this is how much bullshit hit you and depress the hell out you first you give it your best but no one care just as long as they get what they want. And all you get out it is DRIED FUCKED! What is dried fucked when no feeling is there just a lot of motion but no emotion !Ops did I say that well all day of this shit you finally get home and this damn dog that you paid $80.00 dollars for jumps in your bed and shit’s all the time this show just how low your life has become when man’s best friend shit’s on you! I WANT TO KILL THAT MUTT BUT MY BABIES WILL NOT FORGIVE ME IF I KILL THAT MUTT! LOL True words I’m living peace pastorsvice!


rasophy in G# minor

15 Aug

Thursday, August 14, 2014
A Rasophy in g# minor


Well been a while since we did a spit like this but when life got you by the balls you just go along until your nuts gets free so you don’t be nut-less.The one who reads this will exactly know just how I feel LETS FLOW! You see the man holding his heart just wondering WTF is going on I gave my heart and soul put all I had to mend this heart but each time I try to mend it the one who has my full attention always put knew holes in it.No loyalty no more every one is always saying no one will play me so they never give love a chance anymore no trust which is a must to heal all they do is show you how they don’t feel all they want is lust not love one night stands is highly in demand not a life time with the one you love while you sit here with your heart in your hand the one you gave all don’t even give a damn about you or your heart so where life goes from here you move to the next and what you get the same shit but a different faces now what you do? Some times life takes you down a dark road and you see yourself for what is really in side not that fake image you put on to please people!!!! Now who do you love? why they don’t show you the same thing what is this


is this you?
50 percent? people is like a microwave its say’s
it will crispy a hot pocket you either brunt or
brick dough!!! I know what is brick dough?
Well you know when you put the hot pocket
in that foil thing and the outside is hard as a
brick and the middle is still dough like yes
this is how they do you either burn the crap
out of you or show you brick dough so soft
when they want something but when they don’t
they is hard and un-caring non-loving all for themselves brick!!!! but you say this


ha ha pastorsvoice peace!!!
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11 May

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Original Achievement !


Hey to the readers look at this and just know I’m living this right here now which would you do? Well let’s roll on this time in time we talk with rhymes to put you in my mind just a peek to let you creep pass my guard when we is a world apart what make us think we is so smart? The rhymes that is written tell a crazy azz story check out the story!! When people as smart as we are do some stupid stuff do you agree? We can do some pretty wicked stupid stuff we make choices and think they is right listen at this stupid mess hear you text some one who you was not texting why your crazy azz had them in your phone as two other names yes two other names! How you ask? When you get a new phone and add them in but your on line page give you your old address book back and you had them under a different name on your phone than your tablet! Hold up the best is yet to come read this first



Why no one told me man you pick up your tablet and text the number and be so surprise who you is texting
because you just text them and said that your baby sung them self a sleep on your phone now you pick up your tablet and here we go you text and then the shit hits the fan! You watch what you thought was good and right now pick which one one chart you think happen? And here is you clue read this first!



how low is low?

7 May

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
how low is low?

miss down and out 2

Well well life is in a funk what you do get threw if life sucks and you feel like you failed in your dreams!
HOW IN THE WORLD LIFE DEALT THIS HAND? If you feel like this will pass save your words why you is just blowing smoke up my butt! Listen it’s easy to tell me I’m gonna be fine when you don’t feel my pain. All you know is how to do and say this bull right here things will work out. Wait stop how do you fix your mouth to say that? When ONE you is not me.Two how can you say when your azz is not here to feel what i’m feeling then you try to relate to me with your past. That’s why your true happiness did not last. Three if i’m hungry and tell you this is what you say I’ll pray for you WAIT WTW IS THAT? Give me some cash or buy me a plate don’t leave me and say i’ll pray for you fix that problem with action not mouth! Four Why kick me when I’m down no love no friends no life no chance to feel wanted or needed so this is a plan to solve this. All can shut the hell up and stop poring water on a drowning man! Are you ready for this spit? Ok lets flow with this! Time time the clock is ticking
feeling is clicking and you are trippin! Why? How low is low? Why would you stop this flow? Get it together and lets grow to have to hold to mold why would you be so cold? My life is at a low my mind playing with thoughts like it knows how change goes!
Ok look at this and what you say?

How can you go on when you is this low? Up you say?LOL You is so funny to think that words will replace facts this is fact the world is so dark now that the ones who had light has turn to night nothing is right but wrong is in and right is out. A lie is more easier to say but truth get in the way you will never get it why because you don’t know love all you know is lust.To love is dealing with the good and bad together in any weather with out measure treat them and say to your self if I do this would I like if they do the same and nine times out of ten you will say no!

miss down and out 3
so stop the games because school is out no more playgrounds no treats no swings just me and you growing old and dealing with things Feel me Peace Pastorsvoice

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29 Apr

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
hard lines flows


life make you flow a flow like this
you talk to me but i don’t understand why the words we used gut like a buzzer on a dead mule on a hot summers day bones clean their words is mean straight to the point you say you i say me but that can be why I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU! can’t you hear but who’s listening most just go into their world where there’s no fear
We put up and they never shut up blasting you with words about stuff you don’t know about
How can you flow when you don’t know in me peace is when I go in myself and no body else is
allowed in because this is my way of dealing with the shit of today! You come at me with your
games but when I don’t play now it’s mess all day. Just remember I’m human too and the flow
I have is all for you most say they want some one to love them and only them but you play
these silly game that got the last one but I’m not he I’m different my days is fill with how can
I please you and what you do play your games like it’s recess at school how that’s not cool


Yes all this time you hang with me but you still don’t know how to please me you say you are there threw thick and thin but when is that going to begin at the little sign of pressure you dip like a fish in water you hide
behind your lies and tell me that what I’m not doing is not wise? Don’t judge me by what you do because I’m
not you I’m true but not you I’m here but you is over there I’m ready but you is not steady I’m understanding
But you are demanding how can this be if you can’t be free to see that YOU DON’T KNOW ME! LAST But lease all I want it peace to love someone who not that it’s not me that makes this thing so complete It’s
take two to give and get to have and to hold can I find someone who can be that bold? WOW ! HOW HARD CAN THAT BE? PEACE PASTORVOICE




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ain’t that some shit?

31 Mar

Sunday, March 30, 2014

ain’t that some shit!

Ain’t that some shit? When you tell them you love them and they say OK. Ain’t that some shit when you thought that you lied your way out and get caught in the same shit! Karma is a dish that you don’t look for now ain’t some shit! Heck when you work all day come home and nothing is cooked but they look at you and say I didn’t cook because I didn’t have time but they been home all day WTF? See people think that they can crap on you and you suppose to like it. Pure dry screw you with no grease just dry pop you and you get no pleasure out of it! But will look at you and say why are you mad with me now think ain’t that some shit!Hey you maybe never been in shit but we look at life like we can do what we want like we run shit but our azzes is to lite for heavy work why I say that we all get hurt   one way or another but some handle shit better than others! You have some cold azz people who got hurt and now like to hurt others now ain’t that some shit!

OK my mind is strong but your  heart is weak time to adapt to the shit so all dog lovers! Watch this shit! You who have a dog tell me this if your dog shit and it dry into hard shit if you don’t stir shit up it will not smell! But see people just do shit to piss you off! Now some can take a lot of shit but again some don’t take no shit! But boldly speaking now if you haven’t notice I got you to read a lot of shit about shit wow ain’t that some shit! Now at the heart of the matter every one on this planet is after one thing and that is to live and be happy you know that shit is true!These blogs that I write might not be the shit but its right up their with the you can get but you know I do give a shit about every one this may affect because all that read is my friends now ain’t that some shit again!

P.S peace pastorsvoice 

run rabbit run

26 Mar

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
run rabbit run


Good day my readers if you look up at this you will get my point on this blog most people do one or the other they believe or lie and some rather believe a lie than the truth! But my point is why people who always lie about them self always is the ones that run away from facing the music or won’t take responsibility for the wrong mess they have made with their lying? Why most find it so easy to lie some lie for no damn reason every word comes out there mouth is a lie when they sleep they lie when they eat they lie hell when they fart they lie on someone else that they did it how this world was shape by a lie the first man fell for a lie and the rest is history we as people fell that a lie will get us out anything but all it dose is sink us deeper into shit! OK we all lie one time or another but you have some that never stop most on this internet tell and posts big lies about who they are what they got what they is into this web allow you to be what you want to be and they fall for that shit and become the lie they made up now that some shit! Watch this how blue is your eyes? Or how brown is your skin? How deep is your love ? How long can you hang? Is you down for a life time? When your azz is a rabbit none of this is in you all is there is how to lie my way in and to lie my way out! True person will not bullshit all the time most will be straight up about shit but a damn rabbit look out !


Silly rabbit your stupid azz got caught again that why your azz is in a pot of hot water! how many got a damn rabbit in your life or know a rabbit like this when you say something he have did it to. When you been somewhere he been there too. When you ate something hell he ate that too. Anything you do he already did you call him a know it all I call him a damn rabbit! Mind games yeah right that’s all a rabbit do is play silly games and give a rats azz about who they hurt just as long as they play their games well here to you Mr.or Mrs. rabbit look at this and be someone grass so the lawnmower can cut that azz!


Peace pastorvoice!


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