represent me!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Represent me!


Really ask your self ladies what do you want in a man? This is the question of this blog! Years ago most women had a man who had two families lived two life’s never was trusted because it was said that is a man! And a lot of women hated that statement right? because it gave the man the right to cheat! Now days the same thing you women hate is the same you do! Men are dogs you say but you dog men too! They cheat you cheat they lie you lie so how is it that you don’t like this about a man but you do the same now do you hate what you have become? Ok just look at me at tell me what you see?


Most just see a black man who might rob me most see a man who has no future most see someone i can’t trust most see a un-dependable man again most will say he look alright or that is one ugly dude but no one see the love and trust that this person has to offer lets face it men do not have a good track record and a BLACK MAN has a bad rap that he don’t take care of his family! Ok that might have been true for some but more black men has broke that mold we watch our black woman act like what they say they hate and we have stepped up because so many of us grow up with out a father in our life! So a good black man not the crazy azz fool who most black women go after! They get a bad boy or a thug and wonder why he treat me so bad? REALLY REALLY he don’t care for himself how do you think he care for you! Time for the real black man to stand up and break that bad rap that most men is showing and if you women stop and think how bad the man is treating you look at your daughters and think how bad they will be treated if you keep a bad boy in your life that don’t give a rats azz about no one!


No bad boy not a gang banger nor a sugar daddy listen yes the candy store is open but we is all out of suckers! No more will a good man be treated like crap! MY WORDS PEACE PASTORSVOICE!
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on and poppin

19 Nov

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
on and poppin!


7030e-20141115_084817Flowing is a term I use to say when I’m focus on my grind! See it’s time because I started again from the bottom but never scared to move forward you can’t let people change your flow if you do then you are a fake person because you are what someone else see you as listen to this flow right here!
I’m searching for a new love been alone to long but as time past won’t just let some one pull me down to where they are if you don’t want anything so what I do! How is your life is it just a blunt and brew? Ladies if he don’t show you 100% attention drop his azz why because he is not your KING!A court jester is easy to have why fun and games is good in school but this is life baby let get it! Read this one on how you should get this life because life is too short to do bad you don’t need help to do bad!


Ok now you under stand if they are not here for life subtract them from your Rolodex ha ha I know they hate this but why should time be wasted on a part time love? They don’t know why that’s just what I do I’m just honest! check this one out and tell me how to roll?


c3b7a-grind1Haters beware this is my time to shine and you can’t stop this flow go ahead run in this brick wall and commit suicide! Just trading my life for you! one more and this is the clicker for today! peace pastorsvoice!

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trading my life

22 Oct

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
trading my life


Ok most will say i’m not trading my life for any thing but if you really look at it we do every day!
How hard is it to just care about the way someone else feeling and not just our own? Wow hard
right? Listen we have been played so much that we feel like no one can be trusted and we will say
i’m just going to play because no one going to play me! These is the kind of people that would turn
a good person bad! This is why so much hurt is between couples and relationships never last!
Every one thinks they are being played! And no one believes the truth any more they would believe
a lie first before they believe the truth! Sure you have people who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them! but this is one thing I know most men would give up there life for this! look below


or for this and don’t you men lie! Just think how much this would change things in your life?


but they just don’t realize a lot of trust come with a woman like this and most don’t have that trust
so all they do is treat them like meat on a buffet line get all you want but you can’t take it home
with you! See we feel like if it look good it is but most will find out that all that looks good is
the worst pain you can ever have! but one thing all give up there life for and its here look at this


ready to have one of my own how about you? peace pastorsvoice! yeah its on and poppin!

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are we so different?

20 Oct

Sunday, October 19, 2014
are we so different


are we so much into our self that we can’t see that if I cut you you bleed some stuff that is red or if I punch you in the face it hurts or you get a drug behind a truck we come apart? You may look different in the face you might be a fat azz person or so skinny that if you fart you move three inches
forward at the end of the day we all is the same most will disagree but watch this when every one go to the shower you don’t take a dump! OPS my bad some did lol! But that is beside the point! In life we put the difference in between us but really there is none watch this

different people 2

See we always have some people that we just don’t give a rats azz about any more but this is one
thing to remember sometimes the ones you diss is the ones you just might need !OK onward James! Always wanted to say that but you don’t realize how we ourselves put the different in between people! Ok if my words did nothing for you then this will just read the last thing I place here and
you be the judge?

different people 3

so still are you so different? Get back at your boy! peace pastorsvoice

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i woke up like this

13 Oct

Monday, October 13, 2014
I woke up like this

horny 1

This is a bad way to wake up all my hormones is going crazy why I haven’t had sex in a year and some months ok its easy for you women to say so what because you have a sex shut off thing that you are good at! You can go for years with out it! But us MEN have more to deal with see we have two heads that is telling us its time to do something. If you don’t you will see the little head waking you up each morning! See us men is control by something you women don’t understand WE NEED TO RELEASE THE PRESSURE most say use your hand but that don’t do shit for me how can us men think we can fool our other head with our hand? Its not a breast or legs or the cookie it is a damn hand your own hand!
This is crazy to wake up like this all the time most say go fix the problem with someone I LOVE ME!
And too much is out there I don’t want my other head to fall off! SMH someone will take this off me
but they will have to know it is for life not just a night!See how crazy i am look at this


see to me this look like the cookies oh boy do I love some cookies! but it is not it is a damn lamp!
See how our mind is we look at this all the time 24/7 its on our mind we can’t function right until we get the cookies! So how we deal most become a hoe! They bang anything that move call them a dog but was not what your friend said last night he was GO DADDY! OPS My bad you thought if you cut them off it will get what you want! It might work sometime but it runs men to be dogs! Listen take it from a good man give up the cookies! The more cookies he eat lol and get it will stop him from wanting other cookies!


This is the best way to know that he is not a cookie monster bang his brains out before he leaves catch his azz at lunch then before he eat bang his azz again pretty soon he will say boo what wrong? And you say these cookies you can only eat this one ha ha go get him girls! peace pastorsvoice
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chasing a dream

10 Oct

Thursday, October 9, 2014
chasing a dream
Chasing a dream

lost child3

This beautiful child did not ask to come to this world but by the action of two people she is here! Now the chase begins all my life I tried to fit in never quite making it each day I wonder why me and my brother and two sisters was never close I been a good boy trying to get their love but never
Feeling the same love back all my life I did what I thought would please them if they stole something I stole they drank I tried to they smoked I smoked being the baby every one of my older family I looked up to but one day I got molested by one of them and they went on like all was good my world change I been chasing a real family ever since never felt like I belong so I did my best to find this thing you call family but each time I feel that this is it some how it gets taken away by the ones I felt love me how can they never show love that made you felt safe and warm? How that is?

lost child 2

Many days this is my face and even now as old as I am these demons haunt me all I ever got was
Now that my life is half way over I find my self still not having a true love to call my own! Every-
one think that someone is playing them so they play never noticing that your love is real Who
cares about love I do! Love is why we is here! Some one love made us so why is it so hard to
show the same? This is a small look in to my life of pain yeah yeah I know we all been there
right? No tell me who my family is and where I come from then you might be able to fill these

lost child

peace pastorsvoice!
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negative people SMH!

7 Oct

Monday, October 6, 2014
negative people smh!


This is the words you don’t want to hear! What is it? NEGATIVE !DON’T FORGET TO PUT PEOPLE WITH IT! Most people think that they have all the answers to any problem! But with their talk they do more damage they good why they are so negative all the time never saying any thing to make you feel like you got any thing! ALL WAYS what you is doing is never good enough if you know some one like this give a plus!Back to these people all the time never with you or want you do better then they want you to be. IT GET CRAZY! How can you always be a azzhole?Tell me this if your car is blue why would they say you should have got a red one? They is not doing a damn thing for you but bringing you down!Don’t yell just sever them a dose of get you azz right!Why if you got hard times they are happy why you is their new paper they always like to try to read you but don’t know what paper you are! They say i’m your friend yeah right with them you don’t need a enemy! As long as they can throw dirt at your name it good but that don’t do nothing to help!All you are is smoke in their hands but when you cut them off they will move to the next and bring  them down you feel i’m wrong then why you say in your mind haters make you famous?


You knowthis that bad news travel faster then your good why? Forget a fake as friend he just that fake! Butwhen you get these people who only know negative oh well be ready it’s real yes they did! To all the ladies who read this if you are already struggling this sign you want to see tell me if i’m wrong?


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